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MySpace Calls in the Decorators to Beat Facebook

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
20 June 2008

MySpace unveiled a new design this week, pipping rival Facebook to the post. Facebook have been publicising their profile redesign for almost 6 months now, but with very little fanfair, MySpace cleaned up their act (a bit) during that time and have launched the results this week.

According to President Tom Anderson, the relaunch was brought about in order to make the site easier for existing users to use: "We’ve tried to simplify the site because some people found it too difficult to use and were intimidated by it. But we definitely have to make sure that our existing users are not upset. If they really don’t like it we’ll go back to the drawing board and do it again."

The timing of the relaunch also coincides with new figures from Neilsen which show the number of active MySpace users in the UK has dropped to a new low of 4.7m in April – compared to over 10m for rival Facebook. Whilst MySpace still holds the crown in the States, with a 73% market share, this is also decreasing so the sites founders were forced to take action.


The new layout (see above) is certainly a lot less cluttered – unlike Facebook which doesn’t have a homepage as such, the MySpace homepage has got more and more convoluted over the years – and the navigation has also been simplified a lot. Will users stop moving away from MySpace now that it’s a little easier to get around? As usual, only time will tell…



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