12 June 2008 | Tanya Goodin

Lessons Learned With Barrie

After three glorious days in sun kissed Cornwall I thought I’d take the opportunity of a rather quiet train back to London to have a think about what we have learned and achieved. There’s a few phrases that I think I might call upon to help me out – and forgive any cliches – but they are well practiced because they are true!

Leave it as you expect it to be found.

This one, I reckon, is one of the key takeouts from Tuesdays beach clean. We were all bowled over by just how pretty the British coastline can be – and by putting in a tiny bit of effort, you can really make a huge difference for those around you. For me, I think this was epitomized by my favorite moment of the trip, when one of the beach’s regular users took the time to wander over to our camp (and big stack of beach-rubbish) and say how he had never seen it look so good – and that our efforts were much appreciated. It just shows that a comparitvely small bit of effort goes a huge way, and others do appreciate it, even if they don’t always tell you.

Sometimes giving can be more rewarding

Yesterdays sterling work clearing the disused clay mine of evil vegetation at a world heritage site meant that pretty soon others will be able to go and appreciate the amazing remains of a past time, as well as the serenity that accompanies it with the beautiful surrounding woodlands and rivers. Even if they do have to wade in to the waist to collect a lost flip-flop after some over enthushiastic water splashing. Everyone worked really hard yesterday, did a cracking job at clearing the consuming foliage, and suffered for the cause, with all-bar-none sporting a range of stings, scrapes and scratches. Hats off to Nicky, who looked like she had been in a fight yet didn’t complain once! The rangers were really appreciative for our work, and despite the sweat and injuries, I think everyone enjoyed the benefits of a bit of good ol’ fashioned hard graft.

Appreciating the things around you

I was taken aback yesterday during our trip to the Eden Project, purely at the beauty of some of the strange and wonderful plants and trees in the rainforest garden. Though while looking at them, i couldn’t help but think that they are the norm in their domestic environments. It made me think that the only reason we don’t see the beauty in our own is because we see it all the time. I think I’ll make a concerted effort to take more notice of all the nice stuff that’s right under my nose. And no, I don’t mean my beard!

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun

No expression was proved truer than this one over the last couple of days. Teddy, Neil J’s disserning pooch not only had all of the ladies clamouring after him – he also is clearly not mad and chose the shade for company whilst the sun was at its hottest. Conversely, most of the London office’s male contingent, self included, didn’t follow suit and paid the consequences. Whist we have a wide mix of nationalities in our ranks. it looks like the English amongst us suffered the worst, with George and Kristian sporting the lobster look. Looks like teddy had the last laugh…

We look forward to tomorrow, for something completely different…

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar