13 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Last Day In YueMiao

Today is the last day that we are at Yuemiao. We went there to help them with painting the blackboard. The blackboard is used outside for the students to paint whatever they want. The board is about 1.5 meters high and 3 meters long. When it get finished, Students can draw on it with whatever they like.

Aidan and Kim first started to paint. One teacher in Yuemiao who used to be carpenter had stirred paint for us. Aidan and Kim did a great job on that; they both paint quickly and well. Then Tracy and Amy started to paint for the second round. The blackboard had been painted by so many layers!

After we finished painting, Aidan and I played basketball with some kids there. We promised to go there to play basketball with them in the future.

When it was at noon, we had to say goodbye to Yuemiao. The students like us so much that they wanted us to make sure we would never forget them! All kids said that they had a great time with us and became good friends with us. All the Shanghai staffs will go there regularly to see them and play around with them.

After saying goodbye to Yuemiao, we went to Yu Garden together to have the half day trip. We tried Shanghai Dumplings and steamed rice. They were really cute!

Yu Garden is really nice. Though I have lived in Shanghai for about 24 years, this is my first time there. There were also so many fishes!

Team Tamar