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I hate PowerPoint – Part 2

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
26 June 2008

I’ve found my solution to my PowerPoint headache. Keynote! Well, not exactly a solution as being the only fulltime mac user in the office, my colleagues seem rather reluctant to drag themselves away from PowerPoint and use Keynote. So obviously not a practical solution and will still have to overcome my PowerPoint phobia, but what are they missing?

Keynote highlights:

  • Logical interface.
    Being a first time keynote user, I created a fully customised presentation within hours and didn’t need to use Google for help tutorials once.
  • Slide effects.
    A large selection of slide effects and transitions that make your slides look really impressive with little effort. All with preview as well.
  • Ordering sliding objects.
    Really easy to order/time how and when the objects appear on each slide.
  • One toolbar for everything.
  • Guides.
  • Imports PowerPoint easily.
  • 3D Graphs.
    Makes even the most boring of graphs look slick and professional.
  • Paste in place.
    If you copy something from one slide to the next it automatically pastes in the same place on that slide.
  • Can easily save as multiple formats, pdf, swf etc.

Things it could do better
(or if you know how to do it do let me know):

  • Never really got quite to grips with customising the colour palette. Especially with graphs.
  • Imports fonts as they appear in PowerPoint and to change them you have to select the text slide by slide. Be great if you could do a select all, across all slides.
  • Doesn’t work on a PC!


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