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Guguletu, Round 2, Day 2

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
10 June 2008

Exhausted, aching and strangely satisfied. Those would be a couple of words to describe how I feel this afternoon. We just got back from Gugs (if the reference makes no sense see Guguletu, Round 2, Day 1) and for the second straight day the weather played along.

Unfortunately I have no pics to upload today, but it was a good one. We got tons done, our paving is pretty much finished and we need only hang gates and put up the fences tomorrow. I think. We are making tons of new little friends, curious about everything, they have even been helping us load bricks and a competition between two 5-year olds had me in stitched.

They were testing their strength you see and a wheelbarrow full of bricks is not exactly the lightest of objects, but the victor managed to push it possibly 5 meters. (I think it was about 5, I am rubbish at judging distances.)

So at the end of the second day in Gugs all I can say is that, we came, we saw…we are conquering.



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