9 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Guguletu, Round 2, Day 1

We arrived at work this morning as we do every morning, but an hour and a half early, why? Well to drive out to Guguletu (affectionately known as Gugs) and continue the work we did last year. This year was a little different though as we (the Cape Town Office) raised all the cash for our project solo.

As we arrived the weather was at the tip of everyone’s tongues (Cape Town winters are notoriously wet and I am sure you will hear all about it before the week is over), but luckily the sun was out and the breeze welcome.


We started laying the bricks for the paving today
as well as anchoring poles for the gates and fences we are going to put up. I think everything went really well today, everyone is knackered and ready to kick back this evening before we do it all again tomorrow…So come back to our blog then for an update from the South.



Team Tamar