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Google Merchant Comparison Tool

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 June 2008

Google launches their own comparison engine, sort of

There has been a fair bit of chat since this comparison tool was launched and we thought we we would wait and see if we could have a go. But it is only in beta and as such access has been hard to effect!

So what is the Merchant Search? Well, currently is is a facility, if you get offered a chance to use it, where you can search for ‘secured loan’ providers in the UK. Select the criteria that is important to you such as size of loan, loan period, your credit profile etc See below:


You can then choose to have a Google representative connect them to you. Your contact details are not passed on. You can call directly with numbers provided by Google so again your details are not passed on.

Finally Google will send you an email confirming your quote request, and you’ll receive a call from each of your selected lenders.  FAQ’s are here as I found this a bit confusing!

So one question is how do you feature on the panel of lenders? It looks like these may be generated automatically or it could be part of a datafeed. We know Google has been experimenting with filling out forms, so is this related?

Also, the positioning of this is currently at the top of the PPC results so what impact will that have on paid results?

I am sure this is going to develop not just in terms of products but also in scope of services and how you access this tool. It is still in Beta but as soon as we get to have a go we will report back. In the meantime we are randomly typing in ‘secured loans‘ to try and use it!



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