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Google and Nasa working side by side

Alex Christie

6 June 2008

The pioneers of search and the leaders of space travel have further
established their close relationship by Google signing a 40 year lease,
to build a high tech campus on Nasa’s Mountain View Research Base.

Both parties are hoping that this move will promote future
collaborations and are said to be looking forward to picking each
others brains to push the technological boundaries. It is said that
Google are planning to use the plot of land to accommodate its
continually growing work force – over the past four years the search
giants have boosted their manpower by 17,000 employees and by the looks
of it, are not looking to slow down any time soon.

With the two giants working so closely together, we have to wonder what
types of projects the partnership will generate. Can we look forward to
the likes of Google Mars and Interplanetary YouTube? Whatever they come
up with I’m sure it will be out of this world (sorry…just couldn’t



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