24 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Google’s new advertising tool

Today is the launch day of Google’s new tool which will measure Internet usage and traffic and help place internet adds in prime locations to help organisation and advertisers reach their specific target market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new tool will be made available for free to basically anyone who wants to make use it.

This might be great news for organizations and users who make use of this service, but is causing major headaches for Nielsen and ComScore who charge, quite a lot, for a similar service.

To make matters even worse for Nielsen and ComScore, Google’s new tool uses actual data, unlike the two above who make use of estimates and surveys to gather data, which will make Google’s new tool much more enticing and alluring for user.

Many may wonder about Google’s decision to offer this service for free, but it’s really a simple matter of clever marketing. It’s a brilliant attack aimed at luring as much advertising away from the paid competition as possible and straight into the pockets of Google.

Only question to be answered now is, how safe is your company from the “Global Google Take Over”, if you’re offering some sort of internet based service for a fee?

Team Tamar