12 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Fishy Fishy Fishy

Today was our second last day at Yue Miao for the CSR week. We started the day by enjoying yet another big meal at the school and chatting with the students.

The major activity of the day was the trip to the acquarium. It was a bit difficult for us, mainly due to the language barrier, so between the five of us (Amy, Bing, Kim, Aidan and I), we looked after only three students (Wang Wei, Rong Jie and Fei Di). There were also volunteers from UPS who came to help as part of their management training course, so that all up, around 40 students got to go to the aquarium.


A bus was hired to take us all there, and I was surprised to discover that it was conveniently located only around 15 minutes away. Even though it was so local, it was still a good size aquarium, set next to a lake, amidst parkland, with an underground bit that you walk through, and also an indoor show featuring some seals, a white whale, and their trainers.

We walked around the acquarium keeping an eye on our assigned students with Amy and Bing translating the majority of the time, but two of our three students could actually speak a bit of English. I tried to teach them a bit more, and ended up teaching adding to one of the students vocabulary "turtle" and "Lets go!" (and he also taught me how to say it in Chinese "Zuo ba!").

The students were amazing for the whole day, being patient while waiting around, not complaining when squashed onto the bus, and being really well behaved for the entire day. They are such easy people to hang around with, and I look forward to coming to the school more often in the future.


Today Mr Wu told us many stories about the students, every story unique, and unfortunately sad. It really brought it home to me personally how invaluable the service he provides is. He looks after over 70 students in a relatively small building and they all seem so well behaved and happy. It isn’t at all like an institution, but more like a family home. I cannot imagine anyone that could spend time at this school and not want to keep coming back.

Team Tamar