2 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook Reacts Firmly To Rival Network

Wadja There is a lot of controversy swirling round the blogosphere at the moment after a move by Facebook to stop users from mentioning rival social ‘network’ Wadja anywhere on the site.

What most of people reporting on this issue fail to remember is that Wadja and rival network Yuwie have been the subject of massive amounts of user spam on Facebook over the past few months, with most Facebook user groups having been flooded with spam advertising for the social networks at least once or twice. It’s very interesting to see the storm that people (unbiased people?) are making of this announcement, with only a few commenters pointing out the main problem which caused the ban to arise:

One commenter on the original ReadWriteWeb blog post writes: "…Yuwie is a Social Network that pays people to get page-views and to get other members to register. This caused a bunch of pyramid-scheme/chain-letter type spam on Facebook for a while. Friends were inviting all of their other friends to join, and spamming every group they could find. That seems to be legitimately annoying and ubiquitous spam and I personally feel it’s helpful to have them filtered out…"

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops – I for one am happy for Facebook to block sites that encourage users to spam me or the environments I hang around in, but a lot of people evidently aren’t.

UPDATE: Facebook took the (rare – for them anyway) step of responding to the hubub being created by this story with a post on their own blog – read about it on the Facebook Blog

Team Tamar

  • Paul H

    Why doesn’t facebook let me judge for myself what is spam and what is not. For all they know I may want the invite a friend sends me from Wadja or Yuwie. Oh and why block the term in the IM??? IM is a pure friend to friend app? The problem here is that people view facebook as a big hypocrite because they spam the crap out of everyone, in and out of their network. I personally am sick of the stupid facebook invites and facebook app, I mean they cause such a spam problem that facebook itself is redesigning their profiles. Facebook can block anyone it wants, that is their right to do so, but don’t you dare call your self a communication enabler or social utility that helps users communicate because, banning any words automatically debunks you from this list. A communication company cannot exercise such restrictions, it would be like Verizon bleeping everytime someone said ATT&T, how well would that go down?