11 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Day 3 at Vuyani CSR 2008

This morning we were faced with showers of rain but luckily we were kept dry thanks to our tightly fitted rain gear, we managed to get some work done on the gates and we fixed the swings which were not in working order. We had great fun watching the children play on the swings again.


At 13h00 the weather cleared up and we began an exciting tour of Gugs starting with a lunch at Illiziwe’s Guest house, we enjoyed a lovely traditional dish before dashing off to learn more about Gugeletu and it’s history. 

Other tour destinations including Duma’s falling leaves
– a popular local shebeen in Gugs with plenty of history about jazz and the people of the township, also we visited the Amy Biehl foundation where we learnt about the what the people experienced in Guguletu and how they are improving the situation.

All in all a really insightful day with alot learnt about Gugs and it’s history.



Team Tamar