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Coming soon… Google TV

Alex Christie

30 June 2008

As each week passes, it seems that no business sector is safe from being engulfed by the ever expanding Google. Last week we saw the announcement of the Search Engine’s latest Media Server gadget, set to transfer content from PC to TV. This week we see Google pushing that little further into the TV sector by announcing its plans to distribute “original TV content online” through its AdSense program.

Our friends at search engine land highlight the two options Google may be choosing to take. Either the company plan to experiment with its current offerings in terms of video ads now available to view through its AdSense program, or this announcement could be seen as the the first move into Google becoming a powerful TV network.

Wherever Google decide to take this strategic move, it is safe to assume that this announcement can be seen only to strengthen the company’s position of distributing video content. With its already dominant YouTube application as part of its armory, this latest business move could help expand distribution of tv and film across the internet as well as aiding the movement of bringing the internet to our TV sets.



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