25 June 2008 | Team Tamar

ClickTale launches new analytical help

A new analytics program has been launched by ClickTale. For a long time analysts have been searching for ways to measure what happens in the actual online “shopping cart”. They have been trying to measure things like; how long does it take to complete a sales or application form, at which point is a potential sale lost and the reasons behind the buyers change of heart.

ClickTale answers all these questions and gives analysts deeper insight into the conversion process. It specifically measures;

  • Which fields take the longest to complete
  • Which fields are left blank and may be superfluous
  • How often errors occur that force visitors to refill a field

This new found information allows usability experts and analysts alike to expand their range of tools and deliver more accurate and even more relevant statistics when conducting tests and studies. Best of all, this tool is freely available and requires minimum setup.

Team Tamar