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A summer’s day at Blenheim Palace

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
25 June 2008

Yesterday was Tamar’s Summer Insight conference at Blenheim Palace, we had a great turnout with over 60 clients attending which meant most of our client companies were represented.

The highlight of the day for me was definitely Richard Titus from the BBC who gave a fascinating presentation on developing the new www.bbc.co.uk home page as well as some blue-sky thinking on the future of digital. One of the points of debate was around the whole issue of privacy and multiple identities online and the problems with ‘work’ identities and ‘home’ identities being blurred with social media sites like Facebook.


Richard’s point, well made, was that we’d better all wave goodbye to the notion of privacy as we’ve given up on that some time ago by getting involved in online communities and posting so much information about ourselves online. A point I made in my blog in January this year so obviously one I agreed with.

Then the panel consisting of Richard, Aaron, Kim & Neil from Tamar and Colin MacKenzie from Tesco Personal Finance were then asked to say where they stood on the proposition "Google – good or evil?" From my recollection everyone sat on the fence and the conclusion was "a necessary evil"!


Colin co-presented with Neil on ‘putting natural search at the core of your online strategy’ using our work with Tesco as a case study. The hockey-stick graph he showed of how traffic had risen as natural rankings had improved since we took over the account was hugely impressive and made the point I’d stressed in my welcome address that "natural is best" far more persuasively than I ever could.

Lunch was in the fabulous Orangery at Blenheim. If you never get invited to an upmarket society wedding you’re never likely to eat in here so I made the most of the opportunity as did the rest of the Tamar staff and clients.


We ran workshops in the afternoon on project planning and search but the high point of the afternoon was getting all Tamar staff and clients together for an impromptu rounders match in front of the Palace. A great way to round off the day…




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