28 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Who says Manchester?

I wonder if I am alone when I say that I was around 20 before I knew what Manchester was? Sure, I know it as a place, but it wasn’t until I was of moving-out-of-home age that I knew it had another meaning.

What some people call manchester, I call bedding. Or sheets and doona’s (do you use that word in England?). If I was searching online for where to buy any of this, I doubt I would type manchester. Similarly, a man searching for perfume for his wife is unlikely to type fragrance. And I doubt that if we wanted to buy shoes, we would be searching for footwear.

The language we use, and actual industry language, is often very different. Maybe you are too old fashioned, maybe your customers are too old fashioned, maybe you are too technical, maybe your customers use abbreviations? Whatever the reason behind the difference, you need to identify what it is, and then optimise accordingly.

The easiest ways to check that you’re not missing something glaringly obvious?
1. Use a Keyword Generator tool, such as Google Adwords keyword tool.
2. Check out blogs on your industry, what language are they using?
3. Check out your competitors sites, what are they saying differently?
4. Look at the data generated by your onsite search (if you have it).

NB. Google Adwords Keyword tool doesn’t recognise the word doona…so don’t use it in isolation!

Team Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com Robin

    What is a doona?

  • Tracy Musung

    it is the australianised version of duvet, (apparently derived from the old norse ‘dunn’ meaning down feathers…)