6 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Who’s who on Facebook?

The teacher contacted police days after the profile was created in
mid-April, and marks the first time a charge of personation has been filed
against a social network user.

Facebook has 70 million profiles, and one can only guess as to how many are
suspect. Numerous attempts at claiming to be a famous person cant all work out
to be true (how many Russell Brands’ can we really put up with?), and whilst this is a bit
of fun, there are those out there who may be doing so for malicious or
financial gain.

But where do we draw the line – or more importantly, where do the
authorities? Is it worth getting prosecuted for having a page dedicated to your
dog? (More a crime against taste, really). I think I’ll be recommending that my
friend creates his own profile, and I’ll be waiting with those incriminating images
to post on it…


Team Tamar