14 May 2008 | Tanya Goodin

What to do when rankings fluctuate

Like they are now!

For those of us who watch the search engines more than is probably healthy in decent society of late we have noticed a lot of fluctuation in the rankings. Even more than usual, and even that was more than usual compared to the time before that!

Something is going on and as always we have no timeframe on when it will end. And in the meantime if like us you are seeing sites rank highly one minute, then lower, then a new site will pop in and then you will be back where you were previously it can all be a bit disorientating!

And being control freaks, well we are, we want to be able to stop it and get things calmed down. But we can’t! So we think, OK, lets make some changes to the site as this may help. But actually this will probably not help either. There are possibly so many factors affecting rankings that by making a change you may inadvertantly make things worse.

Or if you think, OK, I made a change last week and now I am 5 positions higher so if I do more and roll that out across the site then I will get even higher, and on more terms – right? Er no, unless you know exactly what has affected your site then during any period of fluctuation the best thing you can do is carry on as normal. Do not over react one way or the other.

This can be hard, doing nothing or little when you see your rankings move around can be really tough! But believe me, it’s the best way forward. Wait until things settle down and take stock then. Only when things are back to nromal is it best to asses the way forward.

Of course, Google may not settle down, the ‘everflux’ now seems to be the ‘alwaysflux’ but we may have to deal with that if it ends up being a permanent fixture.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com.cn Aidan Moore

    Can’t stress enough not to make decisions based on one mornings results. Keep implementing the long term strategy and dont make big on-site changes based on a whim