22 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Video revolution

We have all done it and here in Cape Town even more so!  Stumbled across a music clip or video file that we have wanted to see for ages, and just as we excitedly click the play button, the damn thing refuses to be play because of streaming issues (or connection issues if you are over here).

This is one of the main reasons DVDs continue to be so popular, you can just kick back, crack open a beer and relax – without having to worry about compatibility issues.  This is where the new Netflix player comes in, this handy set top box allows you to watch movies on you television that have been transferred directly from the Internet. 

With the ongoing developments in bandwidth speeds, this latest advancement seems the most logical step in the evolution of video streaming.  It will be interesting to see how this affordable, diminutive black box fares in this highly competitive market – but the signs are good with the firms stock rising considerably since the launch.  However I can’t see it having too much of an affect on the trusty DVD market, well not just yet anyway.

Team Tamar