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The new revolution that many miss

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
18 May 2008

Google president for EMEA speaks out

There is a really interesting article in todays Times (which annoyingly I cannot find online as I write this, so Business section, page 9!) by  Nikesh Arora who is Google’s president of EMEA. In it he points out that there are many businesses, typically larger ones, that have so far failed to adapt to the online revolution.

19 May: Article is here – finally!

Consumers have changed how they want to interact with companies and for increasing numbers of people, young and old, this means online. Interestingly smaller businesses have been quicker to adapt and take advantage of the 1 billion people online and at a reduced and more measurable cost.

So with the Google Summit taking place tomorrow perhaps now is the time for more companies to embrace the internet rather than view it as a distraction. As Nikesh Arora says ‘there are too many examples of companies big and small, new and established, that are generating new wealth from this economic revolution’.   

He also says the ‘pace of this change will become even faster’, so now really is the time to get on board or at best you will miss out and be left behind.



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