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The National Memorial Day

Alex Christie

20 May 2008

The 7.9Ms/ 8.0Mw earthquake that occurred in Sichuan Province of China last Monday at 14:28 CST has claimed more than 30,000 lives, even though the rescue work started immediately after the quake.   


Because of the nature of the tragedy, the Chinese government have announced that the 19th of May to 21st of May will be known as National Memorial Day.   All the major websites in China have their homepages in black and white for these 3 days, including Google and Baidu.


Google has also created a new link on its Chinese homepage, which leads to a page where users can search the names of suspected victims of these tragic events. On this page, you can enter the name of your relatives or friends in the disaster area to find any relevant news or articles.  The window under the search box is cooperation between Google and Tianya, one of the most influential community websites in China.  You can submit the name and relevant information of the person you want to find in this window.  You can also submit the your name, as well as the person you know in the earthquake area on this webpage, so that your family and friends will know that you are safe.


Everyone is working hard to help pick up the pieces mother nature has torn apart, so our prayers and thoughts go out to those in disaster area and their families.



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