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The Most Popular Social Media in UK

Alex Christie

23 May 2008

Nielsen Online has provided valuable insight on the current UK Social media environment. The research proves that Youtube wins the social media battle, beating Wikipedia and Facebook. Facebook is prominently ranking second, moving up 4 places from last year.
Unfortunately, the news is not that good for Wikipedia, who lost ground and dropped from 1st to 3rd in this year’s list.

Most Popular social media sites in the UK- PC   
Rank/Social Media Site/ Unique Audience Apr 08 (millions)

1. Youtube: 11.6
2. Facebook: 10.2
3. Wikipedia: 8.9
4. Blogger: 5.2
5. MySpace: 4.7
6. Bebo: 4.5
7. Yahoo! Answers: 3.5
8. Slide: 2.7
9. Windows Live Spaces: 2.5
10.Wordpress: 2.0
Source: Nielsen Online, UK home and work data, April 2007 – April 2008

Nielsen also spotted that a large number of Britons are taking online social networking beyond the home and office. According to Nielsen Mobile, social networking activities through mobile are gaining ground. The research demonstrated that over half a million UK mobile phone subscribers prefer Facebook to interact while they are on the move. My Space and Bedo are also quite popular social network destinations through Mobile.

Most Popular Social Networks in the UK -Mobile Phones
Rank/Social Media Site/ Unique Mobile Subscribers (000s)

1. Facebook: 557 
2. MySpace: 211
3. Bedo: 162
4. Windows Live Spaces: 109
5. Flixster: 90
6. Friends Reunited: 76
7. WAYN: 60
8. Yahoo! Groups: 59
9. Faceparty: 50
10. BBC Communities: 49
Source: Nielsen Mobile, UK, Q1 2008.



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