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Social Networkers Set to Triple by 2012

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
6 May 2008

After reports recently (including on this blog) about the UK being top of the European social networking charts, independent market analyst Datamonitor has predicted that membership will almost triple to 27m by 2012. That means that almost half of the country would be signed up to one of the major social networks – no mean feat for sure, though a believable prediction if you consider how quickly social network usage is growing in the 35+ age bracket.

Needless to say, Datamonitor also predict that the UK will remain Europe’s highest, with one of the reasons for this being the prevalance of Social Networks in the English language compared to Europe’s other tongues.

France came second in the current rankings with 8.9m and predicted estimates of 21.3m by 2012, with Germany making up the top 3 at 8.9m current members but an increase to 21.7m by 2012.

Matthew Taylor, one of the consumer markets analyst at Datamonitor, is quoted as saying: "Consumers are creating and joining existing social communities which, if harnessed correctly, can be an important marketing tool. The wealth of information stored on online social networks provides many potential benefits for marketers."



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