1 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Never too old to surf

Gone are the days where using a PC is only for the ~young ‘n’ happenin’~. Microsoft have established partnership with Age Concern in developing a computer with a simple interface aimed at the older generation.
The plans were unveiled at a Digital Inclusion conference in London.

It is aimed for the use of managing prescriptions and perhaps simple photo organisation for the 17 million citizens that are described as "digitally excluded" in the UK.

I guess it is all about equality, but I think I might be slightly insulted if I was informed that ‘prescription management’ was the most likey reason why I would want to use a PC. What about a good game of GTA IV?

I suppose it could be quite useful for people who haven’t used a computer before as it proposes to preload it  with a "digital literacy curriculum" –
a step by step guide to how to get online, be safe and perform simple
computer tasks.

I’ll be fasinated to see the result if this ever comes about !

Team Tamar