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Microsoft renews Yahoo! deal

Alex Christie

19 May 2008

Just when we thought we heard the last of the bid from Microsoft’s to buy Yahoo, news of another new offer from the Silicon Valley giants have come to light. For most of us, the Microsoft, Yahoo deal has become nothing more than an over-publicised furore but in reality, we should more take notice.

Microsoft said yesterday that they have raised the possibility of a renewed deal with Yahoo, where they would acquire only part of the company, rather than buying it completely.

Microsoft did not elaborate on the new deal, but did confirm that there are no near future plans for the complete takeover of Yahoo.

It would however be wise not to read too much into the latest press release from Microsoft. “There of course can be no assurance that any transaction will result from these discussions,” Microsoft said in the statement. 

This comes after Microsoft’s withdraw from the original deal, due to the two involved parties not being able to come to an agreement on the sale price of Yahoo. Microsoft indicated that it had moved on from the deal and would look into other directions to grow its online business.



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