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Microsoft releases Live Search Cash Back Service.

Alex Christie

21 May 2008

In yet another attempt to win more users over for its search engine, Microsoft is going to introduce a cash-back program called the Live Search Cash Back Service. The program will give you cash back when you have made a search and purchased a product online from the participating retailers.

Microsoft has promised to pay
back between 2 and 30 percent of the purchase price. Microsoft has signed up a long list of retailers including brands such as Home Depot, Office Depot, J&R Electronics and more.

Microsoft claims that the reason behind paying users back is an attempt to earn their loyalty and reward it with cashback saving for their everyday online shopping. The Cashback programs is not a first in the online industry, it has been tried before by smaller search engines with some good and bad results, but Microsoft believe that because of its big online presence the Cashback program will get plenty attention among consumers.



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