13 May 2008 | Team Tamar

iPhone still a hit!

According to a report in the Telegraph today the base model of the iPhone has sold out in the UK, in under 6 months! The iPhone has proven itself to be a very popular accessory and it’s not just the general public that prove this, but Google have also taken notice. 

I say this because Google has today announced on the Official Google Reader blog that they have just released a brand new version of their popular iPhone software.  The new beta version of the reader is available to the public here. (Visit the site on your iPhone or any other mobile with advanced browsing features)

I hope all of our readers that have an iPhone will let me know how they find the new software.

Team Tamar

  • Kristian

    Nice, liked it so much it’s now a shortcut on my home screen. I’ve never particularly like the representation of Google reader on the iPhone so this is really quite welcome.