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I hate PowerPoint – Part 1

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
13 May 2008

It’s clumsy and very hard to make content look pretty. Generally, the use of drop shadows and fading photographs or photographic backgrounds wouldn’t normally be appreciated on the web or print, but for some reason these pet hates are frequently used in powerpoint.

However, I have also come to realise that unfortunately there is just no escape. Partly because there doesn’t seem to be a mainstream competitor, but also as anyone from junior sales execs to managing directors seems to know how to use it better than me.

Anyway, rant over… my task over the next couple of weeks is to redesign our powerpoint presentations. I want something easy to read, stylish and to let the content speak for itself without any ‘jazzing up’ required. Can this be achieved?

Here are a few of things I’m going to do:

  • Experiment with different colour backgrounds. Are darker backgrounds with white text easier on the eye when looked at for a long period of time?
  • Use imagery as pauses in the presentation, rather than with the content slides or (dare I say it) under the content.
  • Try to create templates that really focus on bullet points and typography, rather than paragraphs of text that shouldn’t be read on screen. Restricted to highlighting important points and therefore encouraging the audience to listen to the speaker.

To be continued…



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