9 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Google partners up with Kingsoft for web-based dictionary.

In an initiative to expand their services into the Chinese online market Google inc. has
partnered up with Kingsoft. Kingsoft is the company behind PowerWord, an English-Chinese
dictionary software program which has about 30 million users. The idea behind
the partnership is to improve on the current Google translation service by
building a web-based application based on the popular PowerWord. Google will
also embed services such as web search and photo search into the web dictionary

Google has been working hard on improving it’s
presence in China
by partnering up with a number of Chinese companies such as China Mobile, China
Telecom and Sina.com. Baidu.com, the local
search company is leading the market in terms of online ad sales and user
preference in China, and now
has control of two-thirds of the online search market in China.

Google believes that the partnership with Kingsoft will increase its user-base in China and make
Google a more localised company in the Chinese online search market.

Team Tamar