1 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Google News Quote Search

Last week Google announced a cool new feature in News search that gives you quotes by a person when you search for them in Google news. Type in their name and you’ll get a recent quote above the search results and a link with their name.


Clicking on this gives you a list of their quotes that you can sort by relevance or date. I spotted a Gordon Brown quote from just 44 minutes ago, so this is fresh.


The quote search is a gift for political journo’s as politicians are quoted so frequently in the news but doesn’t work so well if news is about people rather than what they say. For example if you search for Gordon Brown or David Cameron you get 100s of results but there are not quote results for Amy Winehouse or Sir Martin Sorrell. Now Amy doesn’t talk much to the press so that might explain that but Sir Martin is constantly quoted in the press so his absence raises the question – does the search work for old content in the news index? I can only find quotes that go back as far as April 4 for Gordon Brown but I’ll be watching to see how this develops.

I admit this is mildly geeky but I love it as you can’t beat a good quote and having them at your finger tips like this is just too convenient – as long as it is not just politicians that get a look in.

Team Tamar