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Google increases market share in US

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
23 May 2008

Google hits 60% for first time

Results from Comscore here show that Google has over 60% of the US search market in April, still way behind the 80+ percentage of the UK,  but still increasing at the expense of the other search engines.

Percentage of searches

  • Google: 61.6%
  • Yahoo: 20.4%
  • Microsoft: 9.1%
  • AOL: 4.6%
  • Ask: 4.3%
  • So as you see the other search engines are way down although unlike in the UK Yahoo! still has a decent market share. But even with a Microsoft/Yahoo! joined effort they would still be less than half of Googles share.

    Number of searches

  • Google: 6.5 billion
  • Yahoo: 2.2 billion
  • Microsoft: 961 million
  • AOL: 491 million
  • Ask: 458 million
  • Google is the winner with over three times as many searches than Yahoo!. I am surprised that AOL is greater than Ask and how low Microsoft is.

    What of the UK?

    Latest stats form hitwise show the following in terms of volume of searches:

    Rank Search Engine Volume
    1. www.google.co.uk 73.90%
    2. www.google.com 13.79%
    3. uk.search.yahoo.com 2.85%
    4. www.uk.ask.com 2.73%

    Cripes! So Google has 88% of volume in the UK, as for the rest? Both Ask and Yahoo! at less than 3%. Is there a future for these players in the UK? It looks dubious.



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