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Google and Baidu launch sections for Sichuan earthquake

Alex Christie

14 May 2008

Google and Baidu Launch Sections for Earthquake in China

On the 12th of May a violent earthquake shook Sichuan in the Wenchuan County in South West China and has killed more than 10 000 people. The toppled thousands of homes, trapped students in schools and the tremors were so strong that they could be felt as far away as our offices in Shanghai and also in Beijing and Bangkok.

Google and Baidu, the two most successful search engines in China, have both launched earthquake related sections on their sites to help the victims of the disaster. You can donate money, get up-to-date information, and pray for victims.

Google has created a news update with their Google Maps. A user can view news and see exactly where it happened.


And Baidu, has themed their logo and adopted a very gloomy design, and by clicking on the logo you will be taken to a site with the latest updates about the earthquake and join other browsers in prayer.




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