27 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook in the clink

Social networking has officially reached all corners of society. Not even young Robert “Rug” Abrams lets prison stand in the way of him updating his Facebook profile.

Armed robber “Rug”, at the age of 21 flirts, updates his status and brags of his illicit goings on in prison. Even finding a way to upload a new profile picture, boasting a buff chest from 2 years of pumping weights while incarcerated.

Now prison officials can’t be impressed with “Rug” referring to prison as a “hotel” mocking how lax the security is. I can’t help but wonder if “Rug” is just another victim of the social media frenzy that we have all willingly embraced, or just another careless criminal who’s just told authorities exactly what he’s been up to.

Team Tamar