27 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook Allows Mini-Feed Importing

I noticed something new when I logged in to Facebook this morning – a little "import" button at the top of my mini-feed on my profile. It’s actually quite unusual that I even spotted it, as I (like the majority of people I would imagine) very rarely actually look at my own profile, preferring instead to navigate Facebook from the comfort of my news feed. But anyway, where was I? Yes, the magical import button. Here’s a screen shot of it, in case you can’t find it (or haven’t had it rolled out to your account yet):


…Here’s what happens when you click it:


So I gave it a try, and it worked a treat, at least it has done so far! Looking over the list of websites they offer (I presume this will grow over time) I only really use Flickr regularly so that’s all I’ve imported so far, but I’d definitely consider adding in my del.icio.us, YouTube and Google Reader accounts – though what exactly the last of those would add in to my feed intrigues me. Every time I add a new feed? Every time one of my feeds updates itself? That could get very ugly very quickly for anyone unlucky enough to get my news stories in their feeds.

I’ve asked a few people to keep an eye on their feeds to see what pops up from me in the next few hours (since the feeds seem to be on a bit of a time delay, for me at least) so I’ll keep you posted on how this pans out over the next few days. One thing’s for sure though – this move by Facebook shows they are keen to extend your social graph, even if it is ultimately trying to keep all you off-site activity within Facebook’s reach. 

Team Tamar