27 May 2008 | Team Tamar

Alternative Search Engines

Everybody uses Google, the search engine delivers the most relevant results of all the search engines I have ever used. I do try out new search engines when they rear their head but it is so difficult for the small fry to compete against the giants of search – even Wikipedia with its massive reach couldnt even maintain interest in their new wikia search engine.

I am going to try and feature a smaller search engine every now and then to increase exposure for the start-ups that are going up against the giants. First up weighing in at a surprising 0.01% daily share according to Alexa (Google has 30% share) is twing. Twing is a niche search engine that searches forums, very handy to find discussion groups about almost any topic, the painful thing I found is having to register at a lot of the forums before being able to read results.

A charming little South African blog search engine that I admire is amatomu which is a brilliant country specific blog search engine that does what all the others only try to do. Maybe it is due to the fact that it is country specific that it works and is not spam-filled but everything has been done right on this site – technorati could take a few pages out of their book…

Tune in next week for more alternative search engines, maybe one of these days we will feature a giant killer.

Team Tamar

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