7 May 2008 | Team Tamar

500 Friends… Do I Get a Prize?

Today I reached somewhat of a milestone in my Facebook life. Following on from my 1-year anniversary last month, I have now reached the dizzying height of having 500 friends. Before I joined Facebook I wouldn’t have even been able to count 100 friends off the top of my head, but now I have over 500 at my fingertips. So how do those numbers break down? Using the new Facebook lists feature I’m going to try to find out…


26 – People that worked at my old workplace before Tamar
17 – Family members on my mother‘s side
4 – Family members on my father‘s side
23Friends of the family
48 – Famous or notable people, most of whom I do know but might not have met!
62 – Friends of friends
9Immediate family members
22 – Randoms, or people I don’t actually know
107School friends, infants, juniors or senior school
55 – Present or past colleagues from Tamar
69 – Clients, contacts or general folk I have met through Tamar
58 – Friends from university

So to summarise that even more…

Proportion of Facebook friends in my family6%
Proportion I know through work25%
Proportion I know through education33%
Proportion I have actually met86%

So to all those people that say to me "500 friends? Yeah, but surely you don’t know most of them" – I finally have proof that I do!

Team Tamar

  • Kristian

    So that means there are about 70 people who are your Facebook friends that you’ve never met. I’d be interested for you to do an analysis on these people. You’ll probably find that:
    52% are fictitious
    36% are trans-gender
    11% are axe murderers
    1% don’t even know they’re on Facebook

  • http://socialmediablog.tamar.com/ Henry Elliss

    Okay Kristian, I will do an analysis on those 70 for you later on today..

  • Robin

    Looking forward to that analysis…