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500 Friends… Do I Get a Prize?

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
7 May 2008

Today I reached somewhat of a milestone in my Facebook life. Following on from my 1-year anniversary last month, I have now reached the dizzying height of having 500 friends. Before I joined Facebook I wouldn’t have even been able to count 100 friends off the top of my head, but now I have over 500 at my fingertips. So how do those numbers break down? Using the new Facebook lists feature I’m going to try to find out…


26 – People that worked at my old workplace before Tamar
17 – Family members on my mother‘s side
4 – Family members on my father‘s side
23Friends of the family
48 – Famous or notable people, most of whom I do know but might not have met!
62 – Friends of friends
9Immediate family members
22 – Randoms, or people I don’t actually know
107School friends, infants, juniors or senior school
55 – Present or past colleagues from Tamar
69 – Clients, contacts or general folk I have met through Tamar
58 – Friends from university

So to summarise that even more…

Proportion of Facebook friends in my family6%
Proportion I know through work25%
Proportion I know through education33%
Proportion I have actually met86%

So to all those people that say to me "500 friends? Yeah, but surely you don’t know most of them" – I finally have proof that I do!



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