10 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Yahoo! acquires IndexTools Analytics Platform

Yesterday’s news about Yahoo! giving ad space to Google ads has somewhat buried the news that Yahoo! has bought the analytics platform IndexTools in a move that may challenge Google’s dominance of the free analytics arena – or at the very least will give Yahoo! customers a better understanding of their traffic. IndexTools Analytics is a web based tracking system in both e-commerce and enterprise packages and Yahoo! has also acquired the R&D division of IndexTools,  Tensa R&D ktf.

Google has offered the re-branded Urchin platform free of service to all since acquisition in 2005. Yahoo! has not yet confirmed how it will make IndexTools available, it has said in a press statement that:

"Following the acquisition, the first group of customers to benefit from these enhanced tools will be more than 150,000 small-to-medium businesses marketing on the Web… "

– so just for paying customers at the moment and therefore unlikely to make a dent in Google Analytics’s use.

Team Tamar