1 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Why won’t TypePad support the Blackberry?

Time for a rant I’m afraid…

I’m getting increasingly frustrated now that Typepad have continually failed to release an application for the Blackberry, to allow bloggers to update their blogs from this widely-used device. What will it take for TypePad to listen to their users?! Surely it can’t be that hard?

42As if to rub this in, when the iPhone came out Typepad very quickly released a customised application for it – at which point I thought "Great, can’t be long now for the Blackberry…" But no, nothing as of yet.

According to Apple, almost 2 million iPhones have been sold to date, an impressive number indeed. However, there are an even more impressive 6 million plus blackberrys in circulation! So why the snub?

Come on TypePad, we want answers! I’m a huge fan of this blogging software, and the lack of a Blackberry app alone isn’t enough to tempt me away to another provider (yet), but it is certainly stifling my productivity…

Team Tamar

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    Nice use of Kent Brockman!