22 April 2008 | Team Tamar

When CAPTCHA’s Go Bad!

My colleague Barrie was applying for a new Gmail account today when he stumbled upon the following in his application form – a very questionable piece of CAPTCHA text! Where do Google get these from?! I have had a few questionable ones in the past, some of which have seemed to be related to my "previous search" history (though not always), but this one has to get the prize for most offensive!


Team Tamar

  • http://www.robgaskarth.co.uk Rob Gaskarth

    Should try this instead:
    Much less offensive!

  • Barrie Bowles

    Just a quick update on the ‘When Captchas go bad’ situation – I actually sent a shot of the offending article to Google (their press office – I got bored after looking for someone more relevant for the task!) Below is the dialogue…
    Hi Google
    I know this is press, and I don’t really want press – so if you could forward it to the right area I’d be obliged…
    I just came across this when setting up my account – its the Googlemail security capture question. I thought you guys should know, as whilst it doesn’t directly offend me – as I’m not in either of the groups at risk here, you can see why it might offend some people…
    What do you think?!
    Hi Barrie,
    Thanks very much for alerting us. We’ve forwarded this to the appropriate team, and they’re addressing the issue.
    Apologies and Best,
    The Google Press Team

    Google | Global Communications & Public Affairs
    So there you are! The behemoth does care and is addressing the risk of delivering offensive Captchas to this particular and very specific demographic!