18 April 2008 | Tanya Goodin

Udi Manber on Google Search

Search guru Udi answers some questions on Google Search

It is not often that Udi Manber pops up for air and answers questions so here is a really fascinating, well to me anyway, conversation he had with Popular Mechanics. Highlights include:

  • Last year Google made over 450 improvements to the algorithm. 450!
  • Put the right keywords in your content – makes sense!
  • The results we (Google) show you are based not only on what we know of the Web, but also what other people have searched for
  • Google does not have the capability to manually change the rankings. It has to be done algorithmically (Matt Cutts said that Google  ‘are willing to take manual action on a small number of issues like webspam and removals for legal reasons’)
  • In the future, assuming you give permission, Google may use your Social Network profile to help build more personalised results – cool!
  • The changes to the search algorithm are made without any consideration to the PPC sales side of Google

This is a really good read, it’s a shame we don’t here more from Udi!

Final comment from our new chum Udi:

‘Our goal is very simple: We want to return to the user the answer that they need’. 

So that’s what it’s all about – now we know!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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