21 April 2008 | Team Tamar

The importance of text

One thing that can be overlooked by web designers, is text, and the quality of text. It is the text that conveys most of the detailed information to a website’s audience, and so subsequently the quality of text is also important. Text of a good nature engages the reader far more than poor quality text. It can  also entice the reader to read on further.

Text is important even on image heavy websites, such as those for artists. As there is a need to provide details of who made the artwork, how big it is, what materials were used in its creation etc. Once again the quality of the text is important and needs to be precise, accurate and also be what the user should expect to see.

There is another fundamental reason as to the importance of text. It is the text that will determine the size of the content containers they are placed in, and to what extent these containers can be spaced apart and how they can be arranged on the screen. Knowing how much text each page of a website will need to contain beforehand, is very important. Especially if you are trying to achieve a minimalist design, or are working to a 800×600 pixel width and height constraint.

Text is a fundamental and important element to web design and should never be overlooked.

Team Tamar