28 April 2008 | Tanya Goodin

The art of blogging…

It’s a funny thing this world of blogging. Henry was saying the other day in the office that he was surprised more people didn’t read his blog. I was saying the exact opposite. I’m always pleasantly surprised, and flattered, when I hear from or meet someone who’s reading what I’m sending out into cyberspace. I sometimes forget anyone is reading it at all!

On the subject of blogging, it’s a rough world out there at the moment with fake blogs (or ‘flogs’) being used to dupe consumers, as Henry mentions in his latest blog. And now it’s happening in the b2b world. Some blogs have sprung up in the past year discussing SEO tactics, supposedly from an unbiased point of view. It’s pretty obvious to us that they’re being written by one of either our or our clients’ competitors, and to add fuel to the fire we’re now seeing a few people using these blogs as ammunition in various arguments for or against certain SEO techniques. All the time purporting to be ‘unbiased’ in their views.

I think this kind of activity is spineless. At Tamar we write our blogs openly. We’re very happy to put our name to everything we write online, and to defend our views vigorously. You have to ask yourself why these so-called ‘bloggers’ are not prepared to do the same? And since they go to great lengths to keep their identity secret they can’t be challenged on any of their views or indeed the truth of a lot of what they write…

My view is these bloggers should stand up and be counted and put their names to their views so we can all see their agendas openly. And I for one am very happy to expand on or defend this, or any other of my views, in any open public forum. So put up or shut up.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar