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Spock joins Google’s Search Network

Alex Christie

7 April 2008

Spock.com, the people search engine that was launched in April 2007 has become a member Google’s Search Network. They will join portals and search engines such as Ask.com, Lycos, AOL and more in displaying Google’s Adwords ads. Spock has plans to meet with all major ad networks such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Tribal Fusion, Advertising.com and DoubleClick for contextual and display advertising on the website. Jay Bhatti, co-founder of Spock, expects a formal launch of display ads in “2 to 3 months.”

Spock – the name, does not refer to “Star Trek”, but is an acronym meaning “single point of contact by keyword.” The company currently serves 6 million search queries per month and growing fast. ComScore’s figures states that www.spock.com acquired 275,000 unique U.S. visitors and 601,000 worldwide in February.Basically Spock spiders crawl people data from various disparate sources on the internet including social media networks, directories and other websites to create profiles of people. Providing profiles of people which are searchable by tags, location, name and email address. User contribution plays a big role by creating new profiles, adding content on existing profiles and “voting” on posted content.

Bhatti insists that “We’re not a social network”, “Intent and relationships are hard to capture on social networks.” Spock also screens its entries for the potentially offensive content that raises adjacency flags with brand advertisers on social networks.



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