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Social network for the older generation

Alex Christie

23 April 2008

Who says that the Social networking trend discriminates against the older generation? Definitely not GetBack Media, a new social network who will be targeting an audience above the age of 35.

The site, which started today, will primarily focus on pop culture
from the 1968 – 1990 periods and include a timeline loaded with news
and trivia from the past.

The social media’s biggest difference to that of social networking
giants is that the site comes loaded with content. Instead of a user
having to go and find a (Queen, for example) music video to put on
their page, the site will already have the content available.

The site will feature movie trailers and 30-second samples of over
750 000 songs. It will also present music videos from Universal Music
and Warner Music Group.

In addition to the above features, GetBack will also allow user to purchase music via iTunes and rent movies through Netflix.

GetBack really brings a new twist to the whole social networking
game, but whether it will be enough to attract the older generation and
keep the site afloat, only time will tell.



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