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SMX Xiamen Conference – Analytics Roundtable

Alex Christie

21 April 2008

On the last day of the conference I attended the web analytics round table discussion. There were three speakers – one each from OmnitureLexad and SinoTech Media.

The speaker from Omniture spoke about the value of using web analytics from an organisational point of view, without getting into any technical details about how to use the data. The speaker from Sinotech spoke on his company’s newly developed tool, and went into detail about the technical advantages of this tool.

I found the speaker from Lexad to be the most interesting. He used Google Analytics to show how analytics can help you optimise your SEO campaign, by ensuring that you are indeed optimising for appropriate keywords. E.g. by showing the conversion (by sales, applications, quotes, whatever is appropriate for your site) and engagement (by time on site, bounce rate, and page views) by search term.

He showed how by targeting those keywords with significant values for those metrics, you can increase the ROI for your website. However, as pointed out the day before in the PPC campaign speech, you also have to be careful when choosing your keywords because sometimes those ones which don’t have high conversions, still lead eventually to sales. For example, although the term "car insurance" might not have high conversions, it would highlight your product to customers who were doing their initial search, and who might later return on a branded term to purchase. Distinguishing those customers requires you to set up your analytics package in a certain way, so that you are identifying visit by initial referring term, rather than visit by most recent referring term.



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