18 April 2008 | Team Tamar

SMX China – initial opinions from Chinese search marketers

It is the end of the first day of the Xiamen conference. We have had a lot of people show interest in our stand, and have handed out a lot of information. Tip for next time anyone has a stand in China – you really don’t need much English language information at all, I would say only 5% of the people at the conference are natural English speakers.

I have attended three sessions today. The first was the Keynote, which Aidan has previously written about, and the most interesting thing for me was the fact that the speaker highlighted the problem of clickfraud on PPC campaigns in China. Saying that around 30% of SME users stopped after a month or two, because they perceive this to be a big problem.

I then attended two fairly introductory sessions, the more in depth sessions get underway on the second day. The introductory session on "Search Engine Friendly Web design" catered mostly to those with almost no experience of SEO, and had a big emphasis on designing for customers. Which is excellent advice, because when you are a newcomer, deluged with ideas for increasing your rank, it is easy to forget the effect these site changes can have on your customers.

Although no one spoke to me personally about Google Analytics today, Bing and Amy tell me that Chinese people have been commenting to them about their distrust of Google Analytics. They don’t want to rely on a free tool and wonder what is wrong with it, why is it free?  I guess this kind of thinking is not exclusive to China, but I hope that Google Analytics is given enough of a chance in China for people to see that it is an excellent tool, despite the absence of a price tag. Perhaps it will be discussed tomorrow at the Analytics Roundtable session, which is the session I am most interested in at this conference, and which I will blog about tomorrow!

Team Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com Neil Jackson

    Let’s see some photos!

  • http://socialmediablog.tamar.com/ Henry Elliss

    I love that they don’t trust analytics because it’s free!! Brilliant

  • Felix

    Hi Aidan,
    Have you tried to explain how Google makes money and the relation between Google PPC Adwords and the Google “free” Analytics tool they offer?
    I personally love Google Analytics – a simple, fast and complete analytic package. And the fact that it is free is only another clever marketing approach of big G. Everybody can use it – it’s free and good – and once you get hooked on its simplicity then you might start to gamble on “keywords” for your business.
    Google PPC package it’s just a simple click option away from your free stats.
    BTW: I can see you quite busy in China – good luck.
    A friend

  • Myles Wilson

    It’s interesting to note the Chinese perceived value being low for a free tool. I wonder what their perception is of open source software?

  • Tracy Musung

    Hi Felix!
    I borrowed Aidan’s computer to write that post, and forgot he gets all the credit!
    I also LOVE google analytics, and imagine it will only get better and better with the competition from Gatineau and (maybe) Yahoo’s new (free?) tool.
    I will be talking up Google Analytics here in China, because I think it is so fantastic, even if it is just to wet your feet before making the commitment to a big expensive package. It can teach you the basics, and help you know exactly what you want from your web analytics package, for free! my favourite…