2 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Search Engine Strategies Xiamen

On the 18-19th April the 2008 Search Engine Strategies Conference will be held in Xiamen, China.

This conference will be bilingual, and involve over 20 interactive and search marketing sessions. The conference has a China focus, and will be useful not only for companies with a presence in China, but also for those thinking about expanding into China (which considering China’s population and internet penetration, should be a lot of companies!).

The most exciting item on the agenda for the two day conference will be a presentation by Tamar China’s Head of Operations, Aidan Moore, on the relationship between Social Media and Search in China.

Tamar will also be having a stand at the conference, hosted by both English and Chinese speakers. For those who can’t attend, don’t worry, we will be keeping you all up to date on the sessions, Aidan’s presentation and insights into the Chinese Search market!

Team Tamar

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