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PC makers keep Windows XP alive

Alex Christie

29 April 2008

Microsoft’s recent announcement that they will officially remove Windows XP from sales by end of June, has done little to deter PC makers from continue to sell XP with their products.

Dell, Lenovo and HP have found various loopholes in Microsoft’s licensing terms and are exploiting these to continue selling Windows XP after the cut off date at the end of June.

Windows XP is gradually being phased out by Microsoft in favour of Vista, but it is mainly because Vista has received a lukewarm welcome from buyers and many are opting to stay with Windows XP.

PC manufacturers are using a clause in the conditions for Windows Vista which lets PC manufacturers provide XP under the terms of a "downgrade license" for the Business and Ultimate versions of the new operating system. With all these cases, the PC’s are basically being sold as Vista machines with the unused option of upgrading to Vista.

Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer, however had some positive news at a press conference in Belgium. He said that if customer demand was large enough for XP, they would consider extending the life span.



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