14 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Pass Vista and wait for Windows 7?

We haven’t even considered switching over to Vista and already there is speculation that Microsoft’s latest installment of Windows might be arriving as soon as next year.

The IT industry was bowled over last week when Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates announced that we might be receiving Windows 7 much sooner than expected.

Speaking at the Inter-American Development Bank, Microsoft’s big boss
told the audience: "Sometime in the next year or so we will have a new

While some early adopter’s might be fuming
at Microsoft for releasing the new version so early, most IT managers have welcomed the news.

Vista has been plagued from the beginning with various bugs and short comings and has never lived up to the high expectations of the IT masses. Even the much anticipated SP1 couldn’t do much to improve the Vista package and was even criticised by many as worsening the problems associated with Vista.

IT managers worldwide, who have been reluctant to adopt Vista, say that Windows 7 will be what Vista was supposed to be. While overjoyed by the news, they have cautioned Microsoft not to repeat the same mistake they made when developing Vista. Instead of pushing for launch dates, they should rather focus on what Windows 7 must be able to do and make sure that it does that perfectly.

Will we adopt Vista now or in the near future? Even though it’s being forced upon us when purchasing new laptops and PC’s, I doubt that we will even, so much as, think about it. Rather wait a year or two for Windows 7 and hope that it will be what Vista isn’t.

The only question now is, will history repeat it self with the launch of Windows 7?

Team Tamar