18 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Partying for pounds (The GBP sort!)

We had our TLC
at Studio Valbonne on Tuesday
night. The general consensus was that a great time as had by all and, most importantly, quite a lot was raised to help out Yue Miao! Thanks to the generosity of those supporting the evening,  we made £3139 bringing us even closer
to our goal of £12,000.


Congratulations to everyone who won raffle prizes and won the items they bid
for on the auction.

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed
to making the night so successful, especially the following individuals:
Matthew Caddick from Chiswick Auction House for getting
everyone to dig deep, James Mullinger for being a fantastic MC,
Gary Colman and Joe Rowntree for entertaining
us and Bogdan Szychowski for getting everyone dancing. A big
thanks also to the following companies: Netimperative and
Click Tonight for promoting the event, Studio
for providing the perfect venue, Weldon, Williams
& Lick
for printing the tickets, Barley Mow Repro
for printing the programmes and A4 Sterling Leisure Hire for
the Roulette and Blackjack. And thanks to everyone who donated such valuable
items for the auction.


There are still some items available for auction on eBay, in particular a
dress worn by Melissa George, designer bags
and more. So please check out our eBay

So what next? Well we are well on track to hitting our
fund raising target so the work to the Yue Miao Institution can
commence in June. A team of Tamar staff will be going to Shanghai (travel costs
sponsored by Tamar.com) to spend a week with the residents making major
improvements to their living conditions

We will keep you informed on how the project progresses via email and don’t
forget to check out our the TLC website

Everyone at Tamar and the Yue Miao Institution
is extremely grateful for thesupport – without others support our project
wouldn’t be possible.

Team Tamar